Monday, 3 December 2018

SharePoint Online Geo-Replication 065

Geo-replication/Multi-tenancy - WIP

O365 is moving towards multi-tenancy that will allow multinational companies to store data in compliance with country rules.  For instance EU data may not be allowed to be stored outside the EU but you already have your O365 tenancy based in the US.

Historically, most larger companies have chosen either the US or EU to base their data storage in.  If you wanted data to be stored in another region you had to buy another tenant with Microsoft strongly discouraged. 

Microsoft, are working towards supporting O365 in multi geo-locations.  Basically, their are 2 parts: 1) User specific data (email, OneDrive) where we know where a user is based and their data is encrypted and stored in that country. and 2) group/team/country specific data (SharePoint) where the data itself may have residency rules.

This post looks at SharePoint data that is required to be stored in a specific country.

Options today:
1. On-Prem. : Have a SharePoint farm in each geo location, this requires a fair amount of thought to deal with SSO, Search, MMS, Content Types and UPA.
2. O365: Have multiple tenants (non are connected) in each location and connect your authentication up to each tenant.
Coming Q1 2019 : Multi Geo tenant, that will pretty much be the same answer as on-prem. mentions above with a couple of smart improvements, namely search, they shall intermingle results in a single result set if required whereas federated search is the closest we have in.  A lot of this is in the private preview so I'll update this post once we go live.


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