Thursday, 20 August 2015

Non Functional Testing for SharePoint

Work in Progess...

Overview:  Functional Requirements are the business requirements that the business define for the application being built.  Non-functional testing is concerned with performance, reliability, scalability, recovery, load,  security and usability testing.  For SharePoint it is a good idea to test this at a platform level and then verify the individual application non functional testing is appropriate.

A nice diagram explaining the various testing caucus's (Source Guru 99):

SharePoint Non Functional Testing:
All of these test should be performed against your various SharePoint platforms and will dictate the SLA's offered to the business using SharePoint as a service.  Baseline testing is a good idea as the differences can be used to determine the efficiency of the individual application being created.

Fiddler is my favorite (other tools for capturing web traffic Charles, BurpSuite, WireShark and you can use the developer tools shipped with the browsers).
Use Fiddler to:

  • Observe traffic (http/https requests, headers,..)
  • Replay sessions, 
  • Evaluate performance,
  • Set break point



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