Sunday, 18 January 2015

What are SharePoints Competitor Products

Overview:  SharePoint does not stack up against any single COTS product easily due to the size and functionality offered.  This post is my opinion and I am not an expert in any of the competing products.
A few years back I wrote a post that is till somewhat relevant form SP 2010 competitors.

This post aims to list competitor products in a vary broad sense and tries to highlight the areas that where the product and SharePoint perform a similar function.

Beehive from Oracle, lines up to Lync, Exchange/Outlook and SharePoint
OpenText, lines up some of SP's functionality such as blogs, Wikis and document collaboration.
Search competitors:
  • Endeca (Oracle)
  • Autonomy (HP)
  • Google Search Appliance or Google mini
  • Coveo
  • Solr (check this out)
CMS Competitors
  • SiteCore
  • Umbraco
  • Druple
More Info:
If anyone has further information please reply as this is not an exhaustive set of lists.  My experience of rival products is fairly limited.


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