Sunday, 26 January 2014

How to test SharePoint 2013 applications

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Overview: There are several forms of testing and this post aims to provide basic testing information to assist you make sure my SharePoint application are fit for purpose.

Create a Test Plan - consists of:
  1. Test configurations: The combinations of processor type, operating system version, and browser version on which you want to test the application.
  2. Test environment: The number and characteristics of the computers on which to run the tests. Set this if you are testing a web-based or distributed application.
  3. Test settings: The types of data that you want to collect while running the tests.

Below are the results from a single server VM running a simple load test.  This is VS2012 on Windows 2008R2 against SP2013 with SQL 2012.

Burp Suite is a good easy to use Penetration testing tool and as always Fiddler has numerous uses for testing.

HP's WebInspect is also a good penetration/security testing tool:


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